Coaching Pure functional classes at PureGym

I would recommend this classes to everybody either you new to the gym or advance you can improve your strength cardio an flexibility with this 45min proper workout.
Based on the functional movements “strength” and “sweet” workouts
8 stations exercises  4/4 split team plus finisher gives you a 35-45 min intense workout and bost of energy, you learn how to perform basic compound and more advanced exercises, every day of the week different module.




Cycle Classes

I have a great pleasure to coach a cycle classes at the Pure Gym this class is design for everybody who wants to work and improve a cardiovascular condition increase a lung capacity decrease body fat or just burn calories

if you are a runner or you think to start this is the best way to prepare your heart and lungs for more intense load and volume you will need during a short or long distance runs 4-5 weeks program based on my advice will give you a necessary supercharge

Classes with me designed to the dynamic  music 3 times a week 30 and 45 min