Cardio workout before or after weights?


Doing aerobic workout just after weights workout seems to be a popular practice seeing at the gym and fitness clubs especially observe with people who want to loos a exceed body fat tissue. Below you will find out is the aerobic training after gym has a logical justification or is one of the dogmata that don’t have a practical explanation.

To answer this question we will find out is that weight workout + cardio are really compatible with each other or maybe they sabotage them self.

According to today science, we know that reaction of our body cells on weight and aerobic workout are not only different but contradictory. That means doing an aerobic workout after weights we can unconsciously neutralize positive effects each of them.

On what circumstances?

Ok lets brakes this down. After Weights workout we notice high activity of mTOR enzyme which let us increase the strength and mass of the muscle (kinase of mTOR). Problem is that aerobic training activates AMPK enzyme which blocks mTOR kinase. So we can assume doing a cardio after weight workout sabotage effects of the first one, especially that activity of mTOR is relatively short and activating AMPK straight after consequently suppress muscle anabolism.



How’s science shows cardio after a weight workout it’s not the best idea for aesthetic, slim body. Experiment lead by R. Mournier (here) links to a definite connection of muscle mass decrease under rapid activation of AMPK which block mTOR.

Another study (here) carry out by L.H. Willis proof that aerobic workout after weight workout, of course, reducing a body mass however significant part of this mass it’s our muscle mass.

Next example of study (here) performs by M. Schumman proofs that merging aerobic and weight workout leads to decreasing level of testosterone in the blood which is a key anabolic hormone having a huge impact on our body growth.


After presented here scientific evidence and my own experience as a fanatic runner         I wouldn’t recommend aerobic workout after the gym to any of my friends or clients. Especially if you think about a proper run or high-intensity cardio when results mater. Ther is nothing better that proper cardio workout first thing in the morning and I will share with you more details about how to do it right and what kind of energy it can give you, soon in my next article from this topic, in the meantime if you want to do your cardio better do it on a separate day and let the muscle grow when they deserve, in peace.



Adrian Scibor

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